Sex and Gender Workshops

Bring me to your school or organization for a reading or workshop. Each workshop will be tailored to meet the educational needs of the audience.

Sexual Health & Gender Workshops

BDSM 101

We live every day of our lives within a world constructed of non consensual power hierarchies… BOO! HISS! Now learn about how the consensual exchange of power can be a fun, powerful and cathartic addition to your sex life.
What are the feminist implications of willingly giving up or taking power in a sexual dynamic? How do I tell my partner about my strange desires? BDSM sex toys are expensive, what can I use that’s already laying around the house? Answers to these questions and yours!
How To Be an Ally to Transgender People  

We all want diversity in our community but how can we make the space around us safer for trans people? What kinds of questions, language, jokes, & comments can make people feel unsafe & unwelcome? Most of us learn to be transphobic from an early age. If you haven’t made a conscious effort to unlearn these beliefs, chances are, you’ve got some work to do. The good news is you can unlearn these oppressive beliefs and behaviors and become an excellent ally to the trans and gender non conforming folks around you!

Safer Sex For Everyone

What kinds of sex acts are riskier than others? What are the real STI risks of unprotected sex between people with vaginas? How can I safely give a rim job? Why should I wear latex gloves for digital penetration? What in the world can you do with plastic wrap? Why is it important to use lubrication and know what is in your lubricant? Come ready to learn. All questions and desires are safe here.

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