National Poetry Month Poem A Day (Poem 8)

It is national poetry month so I am going to try to write a poem each day but I’m a binger and I starve and binge so I have written two poems this month (one very sad, sorry) until this evening when I stayed up all night until the birds were almost done tink tink tinking outside, and here we are, NATIONAL POETRY MONNTH POEM A DAY CHALLENGE!
I remember when I loved this body

I wonder how she can love this body
and I remember when the body hurt less
when  I was happy when my hair
was in the sun, face in the water
fingernails digging in the black of earth
today I sat in my car applying lipstick
a handsome blonde man looked at me and  said
“No amount of makeup could hide that…”
And it doesn’t really even matter
what it was he was talking about
cause I knew it was about my body
and I tried to guess what he said
considered hunting him down
to demand he un-wad the hurt he’d thrown
a rotten tissue sticky in the bathroom trash
full of his his  discomfort
with his attraction to a fat girl
or my body, a proxy, for all bodies deserving of hate

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