2012 LA Transgender Film Festival Lineup!

November 2 – 4, 2012
Friday November 2nd

Echo Park Film Center 1200 North Alvarado Street

Los Angeles, CA 90026

8 p Mommy is Coming directed by Cheryl Dunye (erotic feature, 64 mins)

Mommy is Coming is a raunchy queer sex filled romance set in the international creative melting pot Berlin. Director Cheryl Dunye (The Watermelon Woman, The Owls) reinvents the screwball romantic comedy as we follow Claudia, Dylan, and Helen as they bumble their way through a raunchy sex filled Berlin.

Screening is 18+

Featuring short films: Chris dir Don Bapst 6 min. Got Monsters dir .NK. 11 min.

Stay for the Q & A with Director, Cheryl Dunye, moderated by Ofelia del Corazón.


Saturday, November 3rd

The Renberg Theatre (At the LA Gay & Lesbian Center)

1125 North McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038

4:30 p Surrealness (short films program 86 mins)

What do androids, funerals, tourist traps, kung fu, matchmaking, saints, outlaws, and roommates have in common? In this surreal collection of transgender, intersex, and genderqueer short films…everything!

Trandroids dir Britt Dunn 18 min. Remember Me in Red dir Hector Ceballos 15 min. La Santa dir Mauricio Lopez 14 min. The Thing dir Rhys Ernst 15 min. Robin Hood is so Gay dir Broch Bender 7 min. Lee dir Roland Wiryawan 6 min. Make a Mate dir Jennifer Jordan Day 3 min. Roommates dir Caitlin Parker  8 min.

6 p Workshop with Silas Howard

Ever wonder how you can make a feature film when you have no money?  Learn more about how to write, direct, and produce independent trans/genderqueer media from Silas Howard, a trans artist with two low budget feature films that have premiered at Sundance and SXSW.

7 p Reception in the courtyard

7:30 p By Hook or By Crook

directed by Silas Howard

(narrative feature, 98 mins)

Shy is a handsome small-town loner who dumps his diner job and thumbs to San Francisco in pursuit of a life of petty crime. Along the way, Shy stumbles into the off-kilter Valentine, who is on a quest to locate his birth mother. An unexpected and magical friendship sparks as they steal and grift their way towards understanding themselves and the crazy world around them.

The second annual Trans Luminary Award will be presented to Silas Howard for helping pave the way for transgender artists.  The Jury Award for Best Short Film will also be presented.

SILAS HOWARD (writer, director, and musician) began his career in degeneracy by playing music with the legendary punk band Tribe8.  Silas wrote, directed, and starred in the film By Hook or By Crook, a Sundance Film Festival premiere and five-time Best Feature winner. His documentary,  What I Love About Dying, premiered at Sundance Film Festival and played festivals internationally. Silas’s short films, music videos, and web series have aired on MTV, Logo, Showtime, and the Sundance Channel. Silas’s writing has been published in various anthologies and magazines. He is currently developing Michelle Tea’s novel, Chelsea Whistle, into a feature film.
Sunday November 4th

The Workmen’s Circle Cultural Center

1525 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

2 p Work of Art (short films program, 90 mins)

Dig deep into the twisted imaginations and tumultuous lives of trans and genderqueer characters and storytellers. With biting sarcasm, deadpan wit, and creative takes on life, this collection of short films will make you laugh, provoke deep thoughts, and inspire you to make your own art.

Feeling Reserved dir Jessica McCormack 6 min. The Hawker dir Elisha Lim & Coco Riot 2 min. Elephant in the Room dir Lucas Crawford 5 min. Ink Deep dir Constance Levesque 2 min. Putting the I in Transdir Steen Starr 5 min. Work of Art! dir Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans 14 min. lili longed to feel her insides dir Adelaide Windsome 5 min. Slippery dir Sandra Alland 2 min. Sally’s Storydir Mark Andersson 21 min. Ese Hombre dir Natalie Chang 5 min. All She’ll Ever Hurt  dir David Joseph 5 min. Genderfreak dir Rebecca Louisell 18 min.

4 p against a trans narrative (Documentary, 61 mins)

Trans filmmaker Jules Rosskam’s against a trans narrative is a provocative and personal experimental documentary investigating dominant constructions of trans-masculine identity, gender, and the nature of community. Blending fiction, nonfiction, and experimental film genres, against a trans narrative employs a gender-busting combination of intimate diary footage, stylized dramatic scenes, spoken word performance, faux audition tapes, and roundtable interview footage to explore and initiate a dialogue between feminists, queers, and transfolk about the way we construct personal and historical narratives. Careful attention is paid to the ways generation, race, class, and culture impact our understandings of gender.

Featuring short films: My Inner Turmoil dir Rashmi V 8 min. Transpass dir Wren Warner 16 min.

The second annual Audience Award for Best Short Film will be presented following the screening.

5:30 p against a trans narrative Panel Discussion  (Free)

Join us as for a panel discussion on how we can make trans media on our own terms, and resist the trans narratives that get placed upon us.

6:30 p Reception

TG Film Fest logo

LA Transgender Film Fest

Schedule At A Glance

Friday November 2nd, 2012 Echo Park Film Center

8 pm Mommy is Coming (erotic feature, 18+ only)

Saturday Nov. 3rd, 2012 The Renberg Theatre

4:30 pm Surrealness (short films program, 86 mins)

6 pm Indie Filmmaking Workshop with Silas Howard

7p Reception in the courtyard

7:30 pm By Hook or By Crook (feature,98 mins), Trans Luminary Award presented to Silas Howard

Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 The Workmen’s Circle Cultural Center

2 p Work of Art (short films program, 90 mins)

4 p against a trans narrative (Documentary, 61 mins) & Audience Award for Best Short

5:30 p against a trans narrative panel discussion

6:30 p Closing Night Reception


Echo Park Film Center

1200 North Alvarado Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Renberg Theatre, The Village, LA Gay & Lesbian Center

1125 North McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Workmen’s Circle Cultural Center

1525 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

All tickets $10, tickets on sale October 15 at www.tgfilmfest.com

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