Los Angeles Sleep Out To End Homelessness Sat, August 6th 7:30p-9p

August 6, 2011, from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in Venice, at the Beyond Baroque arts center, scores of Westside residents –and others from throughout Los Angeles –are planning a large event around community solutions for  ending homelessness.

Attorney Carol Sobel will be our keynote speaker, and there will be snacks, songs, poetry; and later, a free showing of “the Soloist” –to have a night of solidarity with all our friends united in seeking positive answers for those on the streets, shelters and living in vehicles –and who are seeking our  united answers to their needs. Everyone who wishes is also invited for the entire night of community unity –and to later join us afterwards –for  a legal overnight community “Sleep Out” to end homelessness, which will be family-friendly, and outdoors on the lawn of the arts facility for the night.We hope our evening of events will inspire more.It is sponsored by many of the Westside’s leading community support organizations; including the Venice Family Clinic, Common Grounds, Venice Community Housing, Stand Up For Kids, The National Lawyers Guild, the Venice Arts Council and many others.
Click the link below for the full flyer: 
L.A.Sleep Out To End Homelessness in Venice and Los Angeles
——————————Meanwhile another  homeless man’s death –at hands of police in Fullerton CA –is now also sparking large community protests.If you still haven’t heard, about this newest unfolding homeless tragedy…http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2011/07/kelly_thomas_fullerton_police_1.php“…Earlier this month, six Fullerton cops surrounded and savagely attacked an unarmed, 37-year-old Kelly Thomas until he was dead. By the time the cops were done, Thomas’ face looked like it had been put through a meat grinder….”
“….Multiple witness say the cops repeatedly beat the 135-pound homeless man with their weapons, fired multiple Taser shots into his body, kicked his face and head with their boots and then, long after the man was subdued and on the ground, slammed their knees into his throat, apparently crushing it….”[UPDATED W/FIRST VIDEO OF POLICE ARRESTING VICTIM:] Kelly Thomas’ Officer-Involved Death Was Videotaped; Councilman Calls For Release to Public

[UPDATED with PD Protest PHOTOS:] Kelly Thomas’ Retired Deputy Father Blasts Fullerton Police for ‘Killing My Son’

Fullerton Cops Involved In Death Of Kelly Thomas Back on Duty

Please consider joining us this coming Saturday August 6, in Venice CA.

Los Angeles’ leading homeless civil rights attorney, Carol Sobel (and victor in several homeless rights cases) will deliver a rare public address; on showing support for homeless people: stopping the criminalization of homeless, and standing for positive solutions to homelessness. Along with songs, poetry, dramatic readings and an evening of friendship. The event is from 7:30-9:00pm. As mentioned above, everyone is also invited to join with the others –in staying afterwards, as well, for an all-night, family-friendly “Sleep Out” night of community –and dedicated to ending homelessness  for all.

Campers encouraged to sleep under the stars-tents are permitted but discouraged. 

So please consider joining us for this event. RSVP to worldatpeace@hotmail.com

We have room for about 100 sleepers; and we are all looking forward to an inclusive night in solidarity with homeless folks.

Call (310) 399-4100 –if you need more info.

Cross posted with permission from David Busch,  Co-facilitator, Venice Community Unity

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