America’s Second Funniest Search Engine Terms

Inspired by a hilarious post on the Pleasure Chest toy store blog store on the terms that folks search to reach the stores blog,  I decided to check out the internet search terms that brought folks to my blog. Though nothing could be funnier than a google search for “navajo butt sex pillows” I decided to post some of the funnier and more disturbing search terms that led folks to read my humble blog.

mammy sex club party (WTF???)

bomb pussy in downtown los angeles (why thank you, I’m so flattered!)

hot shemale action (we actually have that here)

mermaid fetish porn (I’m curious and I’d really like to try that)

vintage wedding cake topper (I’m really sorry folks this is REALLY not the site you were looking for)

people with horns (yes I  really do have that here)

horns of awesomeness (see link above, I do wish Sarah had come up with a better name for that piece)

consensual snuff porn & “consensual snuff” (At least they’re nice enough to ask first!)

bdsm bagging snuff (check)

Snuff mommy (I’m going to make everyone call me that from now on)

what is a fetish of being thrown away like rubbish (oh, the brits)

fetish + throw away + garbage + mistress (and 1,001 variations thereof)

exotic erotic ball jerk off man (I really he hadn’t been 86ed before I could get his number!)

dollification anorexia (step right up folks, we’ve got that here too!)

teenage crossdressers thigh highs (I’ve collected a few in my day)

love doll transformation fetish (Happy Birthday Dad!)

society for creative anachronism chick babe hottie (WTF?)

mouth to tape bonddage vagina (HOT)

who is strapon jane (She’s actually one of my friends which is what led this person to my site)

“dykes on bikes” “dominatrix” (sounds like my next exwife)

trixie nun jackhammer (yes, we have those)

forced faggorty (one of my favorite prast trimes)

passion of the female christ (please share that link with me when you find it)

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