Juliette Stray’s Post Human Barbie Doll Transformation Project

Perhaps It’s Just A Call For Help

I had the pleasure of meeting Juliette Stray while on the set of a girl on girl hard core shoot for my friend, Amy Daly’s website. I started to do Amy’s makeup (in another lifetime I was a makeup artist full time, now I only do it when there are hot naked porn star women involved) when Mandy Mitchell came stalking onto the set with Juliette tumbling after her. Juliette laid down on the floor on her back. “I’m sooo tired!” she complained, somehow still managing to make it sound sexy. “I was fucking that straight girl all night!”.

“Shut up,” Mandy growled  as she lifted one of her long legs and planted a black leather boot on Juliette’s chest. Juliette looked up at her, her  eyes shining mischievously. “Okay.” she responded smiling obediently.

A Barbie Doll Can’t Speak Either

I didn’t see much of her after that shoot (I am still kicking myself for having to leave to do a  session of my own) but got a chance to get to know her a little better on a road trip from San Francico to Los  Angeles. The last time I saw her we spent the day femming out at the nail salon and catching up over hot cocoa and spray tans. I wanted to pick her brain about porn and a fetish that we share: Dollification.

Don’t Tell The Goths Juliette Stray Is Dead

MF: Was shooting for Courtney Troubles, nofauxxx.com , queer porn site your first time being documented fucking in front of a camera for money?

JS: I’ve never shot for Courtney, actually; my first shoot was for Shine Louise Houston’s CrashPadSeries.com – it was my first time doing anything that wasn’t just on someone’s camcorder (sometimes for money), and from there I went on to do mainstream pornography.

MF: How was it different going from shooting with a bunch of queers to shooting with a more mainstream porn crew?

JS: I actually PREFER shooting for mainstream companies. They’re more clear in what they want, I get my makeup done, and sometimes I even get wardrobe. As someone who is generally attracted to more mainstream women as opposed to queer women, it’s also a little bit hotter for me 🙂 I like the feeling of camaraderie I get when I shoot with queer production teams, and I’ll continue to do so (in October, in fact), but ultimately having the freedom to stop, cut, and ‘stage’ position switches and things is ‘better’ for me than one ongoing sex act (CrashPadSeries doesn’t cut in filming, really, they just kind of keep rolling). Additionally, I like that shooting for LA companies is more viably mainstream and popular; I don’t like feeling isolated.


MF: You’re very out about your interest in BDSM can you tell me a little bit about the tattoos and scars on your body?

JS: Oh, boy, there’s a lot. Some are art, some aren’t; I have the tiny ghost of an M visible over my right breast, which is the last remaining tracery of having had MEAT carved into my chest with a scalpel – that, clearly, was BDSM. I have a tiger carved into my thigh, and that was for a circus performance for the Flying Tiger Circus, that I did on stage for my friend’s piercing studio’s 20th anniversary, where I got to share the stage with Erik Dakota, as well as many other fantastically talented performers – pretty cool. I have an abstract brand that runs most of my entire left side, which was also art; it just moves along with the contours of my body to highlight it and look kinda sexy. I have a small star-shaped thing above my left hip, which WAS from BDSM – carved with the bevel of a needle in a relatively intense scene. My back piece is tattoo work, and it’s a zombie girl molesting a living one, which I got just because I really love horror and zombies 🙂 All that said, though, I haven’t really engaged in BDSM for quite some time.

MF: This kind of S/M stuff is very scary and threatening to a lot of vanilla folks, have your scars kept you from getting any gigs?

JS: Not to my knowledge.


MF: You speak publicly about body modification and transforming yourself into a “perfect Barbie Doll.” Can you tell me when and how your interest in dollification began?

JS: From the age of 10 or 11 or so (when I started looking at porn), I wanted to grow up to be a pretty, perfect porn star. This has become a little bit more, obviously, but the general theme has stayed the same, and that was probably the catalyst. Even before I started reading erotic transformation stories (most/all of which are pretty awful, might I add), it was just something that I’d wanted to do. I also realized just yesterday that I used to get all hot and bothered watching the Weird Science TV series, because Lisa would always be using magic or whatever to turn people into hot babes. Go figure.


MF: Wow, that is totally hot… what is your motivation for changing your body to suit this Matel ideal of female beauty?

JS: It turns me on, and I want to turn others on. There’s really nothing of substance past that; I just think it’s sexy 🙂

MF: Do you fantasize about having a Master or Mistress to supervise your Barbie Doll Transformation Project or is this about being your own creation?

JS: No. I don’t think many people understand what motivates me or how I want to do things. I wouldn’t mind sharing it with someone else, but I am VERY much going to be the one in control.


MF: How much of your desire do you think is driven by wanting to conform to the accepted standard of beauty? How much of is it about making your body your own creation and having control and power over how you use your body or choose to appear?

JS: A fair bit, absolutely, is related to me wanting to confirm to accepted standards of beauty. I LIKE that there are accepted standards of beauty rather than everyone just doing their own thing and being welcomed for it; it gives me something to strive for and accomplish. If there were no lines about what was hot to most people and what wasn’t, I’d not really be able to do this, and thus I wouldn’t be able to be turned on by it. I’m not particularly concerned about being my own creation – I just want to BE a creation.

MF: You seem to joke a lot that you just want to be loved and accepted by mainstream straight people but your body modification project seems a lot more queer and intentional than that. Are you documenting this in any way?


JS: I don’t really think it’s queer. It’s certainly WEIRD – the catch-22 being, I guess, that even as it’s turning me into an extremely mainstream hetero sex object, the way in which I am doing it is a little unhinged – but I don’t find it queer. In fact, I’m fully expecting to get isolated and judged by the majority of queers that don’t already know me (and some, sure, that do). I don’t mind. And I thought about documenting it, but I’m lazy.

MF: Many women I know describe transitioning as a kind of project. As an outsider it seems like it might be rather cathartic to have a new body modification “project” that was fun and exciting and pleasurable vs being a matter of survival. Is there some level of catharsis in your adventure?


JS: I never really thought about that, but honestly sometimes I don’t even know that I’m transgendered at all. I think I have ALWAYS just identified as a sexual being and a sex object – as a succubus, really – and that’s just not something that I was capable of being unless I was a woman. This is just the logical progression of that. What I find cathartic is when strangers lust after me; I would be incapable of living without it.

MF: Wow, that’s pretty intense… What will all your gothic friends think? Do you care?

JS: Some haven’t recognized me yet, and the rest seem to think I look pretty hot and are entirely supportive or ambivalent. I’ve had a few lovers say they’re sad about it, and that’s a bummer, but I don’t really care.

MF: Are you really going to stop being bisexual when you’re Barbification is complete?

JS: No. I’m just going to -say- I’m only bicurious. It makes me less threatening to hot straight girls 🙂

MF: Phew… I was worried about that one, since we haven’t actually, hooked up, yet. Do you consider yourself a feminist?

JS: Not really. Not to be too intellectual about it, but I don’t really think feminism is much of anything anymore. There are so many viewpoints and ways to go about advancing feminist goals (many of which differ from one another) that I liken it to the equally immensely-fragmented Christianity. There are some people who identify very strongly with being a Christian, and it forms the core of their identity, but I think many people just kinda do whatever happens to be vaguely in line with their Christian ideals and don’t really worry about whether or not it’s a core function of their identity or not. There’s just so many politics there that I don’t want to get involved in.

MF: On the occasions we’ve spent time together I’ve noticed you often make jokes about really serious things. I can relate, I do this a lot to deal with shit that is hard to process. Once when we were eating together you said that “anorexia is sexy”. Do you remember that?

JS: I do. And I do this a lot – it’s funny to me.

Walking The Walk

MF: As a big girl (who has the hots for you) and who has struggled with an eating disorder, it was super disheartening to hear you say that. Were you serious or just saying things to shock the people eating in the booth behind us?

JS: I was pretty serious. Anorexia is hot. Do I think anorexia is a good idea? Oh, god no. It’s a horrible, terrible thing to do to your body, and I wouldn’t really advocate it to anyone – but that doesn’t mean that it’s not sexy. For almost the same reasons that I find plastic surgery to be really erotic and a turn on, anorexia is kind of a turn-on: it’s the willing embrace of suffering in order to alter your body to make it more appealing to others, and psychologically that’s just really compelling and hot. Just like I don’t need a girl to have fake tits for me to be turned on by her, I don’t need a girl to be anorexic (and, really, it’s not like she’d have the energy to have sex anyway), so I’m not saying “only anorexia is hot,” but it’s arguably pretty erotic in its own way.

Well, one things for sure. Juliette Stray is one hot human Barbie Doll and I will be watching (and possibly taking it upon myself to document) her transformation from slutty latex clad goth girl to main stream Barbie Doll sensation, very, very closely.

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    • Mommy Fiercest says:

      @Bob Thompson I’ve actually never seen Juliette perform for camera’s but I have no doubt she puts on quiet a performance when the camera’s are rolling. She’s a show-stopper in the flesh for sure.

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