D’lo who has been described by the press as a “jolt of creative and comedic energy” is a Tamil Sri L.A.nkan-American, political theater artist/writer, director, comedian and music producer.

The first time I met D’lo I was backstage doing makeup for the Butch/Femme Fashion Show about six years ago. It was at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center I had been given one of the dressing rooms to use as a makeup and dressing area.

There were a couple fellas (whom I assumed were models) in the dressing room, giggling and laughing and cracking each other up.


D'lo: Gay, Sri L.A.nkan raised by hip hop.

They spoke loudly, gesticulating and filling the tiny hot room with raucous laughter. I’m not sure why I felt entitled to the whole dressing room (perhaps because I am femme and they were not?) or why I was in such a sour mood but I wrinkled up my nose and put on my best Mommy face and said  “Can you folks please take that elsewhere?”. D’lo and company packed up their papers and skulked away grumbling and shooting me meanie eyes. It wasn’t until later that evening when D’lo sauntered on stage and made me laugh until my eyes teared  that I realized those hams had been rehearsing and not just horsing around! I had kicked the headlining performers out of the dressing room!

I suspect D’lo has forgotten this first interaction and I am sure glad. As a part of the queer arts community I feel so privileged to have witnessed D’lo’s work grow and change. D’lo’s work is  always funny and DEEP! Homie will make you think and think hard… About class and culture, about the experiences of being the queer child of immigrants and growing up in a small rural town and so many other things.  D’lo can expertly take you from quiet contemplation to side splitting laughter… all the while shape shifting and transitioning from one character to another with the tilt of the head or the tie of a sari.  In fact I find one of the most endearing characters to be the one based on D’lo’s mother, Amma, which you can see in the video below.

Musician, comedian, writer, one thing is for sure, D’lo is always mixing it up leaving the audience surprised, entertained, delighted and reflective.

I’ve likely seen D’lo perform at more than 20 times As a comedian, host, poet and most recently in the “Ramble-Ations: One D’lo Show” a solo show written by D’lo and directed by the bad ass, Adalina Anthony.

Ramble-Ations: A One D'lo Show

Ramble-Ations: A One D'lo Show

Each time I hear D’lo is back in town I rush to buy my tickets and take my sweetie on a date.  D’lo is a full time performer and is almost always on the road, whether doing the college circuit or collaborating with other arts and social justice community organizations all over the nation. The fact is that all the artsie queers in LA know what an amazing performer D’lo is and D’ Loco Kid’s shows sell out here fast!  To learn more about D’lo or to book D’lo for a gig go to http://dlocokid.com/

You can catch D’lo at Fresh Meat in San Francisco June 17th to the 20th or in July in the legendary Chicana lesbian feminist,Cheri Moraga’s “DIGGING UP THE DIRT”.

A World Premiere play
by Cherrie Moraga
Co-Directed by Cherie Moraga
& Adelina Anthony

Opens Fri. July 30-Sun. Aug 29
Fri and Sat @ 8PM
Sun @  6PM
Special Opening Night  Reception Fri. July 30
Tickets for opening night are $20
Friday’s and Saturday’s Admission $15
Sunday’s Admission $10

RSVP: info@breathoffire.org / Tel. 714-600-0129

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