New Art Crush: Gina Kamentsky

So I get crushes (art crushes, academic crushes, literary crushes, sexy crushes) as frequently as some people in LA go to the gym (everyday, multiple times a day or just every few weeks, depending on my mental health) they often come and go and generally don’t mean too much but Gina’s been on my mind for a while.

I was hanging out with noise artist, Kawaiietly Please’s a few weeks ago when I began poking around her books and records. We ended up sprawled out on her bed sharing music and reading comics when she said “Have you ever seen this one?” holding up a copy of “T-Gina: Hot $hemale Action”

T-Gina: Hot Shemale Action

“No!” I squealed taking it from her hands. I opened it up to the first page which had me cracking up at the third panel. Not only that but even the joke on the cover is funny not to mention that fantastic introduction by the beloved Kate Bornstein.

Kawaiietly offered to let me borrow her copy and I instantly said yes then I remembered what a bad borrower I am… Particularly when it comes to books! And I didn’t’ want to strain another friendship on account of leaving coffee stain rings on the cover or returning it with bent pages.

“I can’t… really. I am a really bad borrower” I confessed. She considered this a moment.

“Well I haven’t read it in a couple years and it’s just been sitting on my shelf, I know you’d really like it so I’m willing to take that risk.”

And the rest is history. I rushed home from Highland Park,  drew a hot bath, let my favorite queer femme  pervette, Amie Wee,  tune in to webcam voyeur my soak in the tub and fell in love with T-Gina.  Before I even finished the first edition of “T-Gina: Hot $hemale Action” I wanted more! I attempted to visit only to find it was defunct;  I was completely devastated… For about five minutes until I mustered up the strength to do  a bit of quick internet research and found Gina Kamentsky has been doing industrial design, inventing smash hit kids games and is currently making the most rad mechanical kinetic sculptures which are by the way, a steam punk wet dream if you care about such things.  Not only that but she rides a motor cycle in a girl gang (okay, it’s a  motorcycle chicks club), is an animator, film maker AND plays the fiddle in a hillbilly band called “The Fritters”.  Not only that but she’s HOT! And did I mention she rides a motorcycle?

Gina Lookin' Fierce

Fast forward ten minutes into the future:

I email Gina a pathetic blissed out fan girl message and SHE ACTUALLY RESPONDS!

And then I inquire about distributing her comic at Trans/Giving shows and she gives me a super deal and ASKS ME OUT FOR COFFEE next time I’m in Boston! This was super exciting because I had wanted her to ask me but I always feel like other folks are cooler than me, even though I am SUPER COOL.

Ahem. So, now we have a date. Well okay, it’s not really a date at all (in fact I think her partner will probably be there)  but probably cause I bought a bunch of her comics to distribute at the super rad arts showcase I organize… but a girl can dream can’t she?

THEN I tweet and tweet about her and well I am not quite sure how it ends except for now I am waiting for all 60 of my comic books to come in. The sad part is that there were only ever two T-Gina’s written

Now 99 % Lemur Free!

and that after she reads my freaky blog post she might not want to have coffee with me…

The GREAT thing is that the second edition of T-Gina is 98 % LEMUR FREE! AND Gina suggested that a West coast distributor might just be the kick in the ass she needs to start publishing more T-Gina!

Call me manipulative if you like (’cause I am), but HOPEFULLY if I spread this rumor around she will feel MORALLY OBLIGATED to create more art FOR HER FANS…

Until then I’ll wear my two issues of T-Gina until they are coffee stained and dog eared. Miraculously enough I’ve been able to keep Kawaiietly’s copy pristine and she’s super stoked I am going to give her the second edition as a gift for having faith in me (or for being foolish enough to lend me anything)  soon as I get my stack in the mail.

See Gina’s Work here

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