Club Hurt Fetish Fest At Malone’s Santa Ana

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Photo courtesy of

Last week a couple of my queer friends from the Pleasure Chest offered me a couple comp tickets and invited me to come out to join them at Club Hurt in Santa Ana for a night of fetish revelry culminating in a flesh hook suspension by CoRE.  I often feel like LA lacks a real queer kinky community and don’t typically go out to a whole lot of fetish events but last Saturday I decided to do things a bit differently. I’d just bring the queers with me.
At $15 pre-sale and $20 at the door I was expecting the night to include a play area. So I was awfully surprised when I saw that the venue was at some place called “Malone’s” which was an unlikely venue to say the least.  The location, an Irish pub that’s described on Yelp as a “hole in the wall sports bar with two flat screen televisions” didn’t really strike me as an appropriate venue for a fetish party.

These were the guys I was afraid were gonna show up.

I feared these guys would show up at any moment and be like "hey faggots! Why are you so sad!?'

Though, I know how difficult it can be to find a venue  and although I don’t know first hand I imagine it’s a lot tougher to secure a location when your main act is stringing a man up by his impaled knees and beating people with fire. Ziggy and I joked all evening that the staff at Malone’s just had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to have the party there.

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The strangest thing about the party though is how well it worked in that bizarre space. Even though I kept expecting the guys pictured above to walk in and be like “Hey faggots! Why are you so sad!?” . Then I would remember the $20 cover and breath a sigh of relief.

The drinks were cheap ($5.50 for a Redbull and Vodka) but weak unlike LA where they are hella expensive (sometimes $11 or $12t) but also two or three times as strong. It’s hard for me to know if the music was good at fetish clubs, I am not really into that kind of music. What kind of music are you not into, Mommy? Honestly I don’t know I just know that I didn’t’ like it. I didn’t like it when I went to fetish clubs when I was fourteen with my sisters ID and I don’t like it now. Besides I dance too fast for goth kids. At some point I did find myself dancing and though it was a bit odd  to be sandwiched between two  pool tables just feet away from a darkened juke box it was nice to have a quiet  place to take in the surroundings and voyeur out on  everyone’s great outfits.  Ziggy and I didn’t choose to dance in a dark corner because the dance floor was packed but because the beautiful and talented dancers (Dead Darling Dolly, Trixie FireCracker, Lez Fuk and Stomp Gyna) on the giant lighted cubes had gathered an audience who stood back far from them watching the light show and their gyrating bodies.  Stomp Gyna would later become enamored with Ziggy and follow her around touching her Gothic Lolita lace collar “I love black and white… Do you want to see my pussy?”

Nurse & Bandaged Dolly Patient Courtesy of

Nurse & Bandaged Dolly Patient Courtesy of

“They’re gothic ravers!” Ziggy whispered excitedly to me when she had cracked the code (it was her first fetish party but her gothic lolita slutty toddler look made her one of the best dressed folks there) of the fetish kids. “Only the drugs are different… they get high off alcohol and tobacco and pain…” She was in awe and it was pretty much  was adorable.

On the large smoking pation vendors including Mistress Cyan of Domcon, Severe Society Films, BDSM Mentors, Glass Bondage Pieces and Fethouse Girls sold their wares and promoted their programs.

Undeniably the highlight of the evening were the performance by the immensely talented “CoRE”, a BDSM performance troupe made up of performers Sir SkipDog, Meister Schmerz, Professor D, Dungeon Corp, Mistress D, Master Moose, Master Warlock, Johnny F–king Napalm, Lady Slava and Nikki Nefarious. Each performer was focused, passionate, skilled, impecably styled and although it was clear the scene was well choreographed there was NOTHING rehearsed about the performances. Every one of them was incredible.

Suspension by Sir Skip Photo Courtesy of

Mistress Melissa also did a spectaculart fire flogging show while playing her demo bottoms bottoms’ like human bongo drums, though the CoRe suspension was a tough act to follow.

Fire Flogging by Mistress Melissa Photo Courtesy of

Fire Flogging by Mistress Melissa Photo Courtesy of

Check out the video below for a rare treat:  A raging beast of burden, a lovely kitty girl batting at a brave and vulnerable suspendee, a hooded Master  and a hissing blue banshee who swallows knives

I’ll be back to Club Hurt again soon provided I can get on the guest list with my “plus one” once again.

Video filmed by Ziggy, Poorly Edited by Mommy Fiercest

2 thoughts on “Club Hurt Fetish Fest At Malone’s Santa Ana

  1. TJ says:

    I wanted to thank you for coming to Club Hurt and for your review, i am glad to here that after all the expected disapointments you had based on venue being an irish pub and the music not suiting your taste that is sounds like you ended up having a good time, oh and yes getting a venue in orange county to actually have someone promote a fetish event was a tough task, i searched for over a year before i found Malones and yes they were unsure of the event themselves but now they say it’s the best event they have and hope i always keep it with them, they are great people and willing to let me bring as many bizarre acts as i like now… well i probably went on to long so in a short note we would love to have you back and you and a guest will always be on the list just shoot me an e-mail when your heading our way… 2nd note… next event is LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY so please bring your friends and enjoy.

    p.s i will be adding your site to our who we support list.

    Club Hurt

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